Thursday, September 18, 2014

Personas: how to do a long scripting in a better way

In some cases you might need to write a long script to do a serise of actions. It is a good practice that all the actions are performed by several script buttons, and there is main UI button to "Push" these buttons. It is a good idea to place all these sub-task buttons inside a Groupbox, then just make the Groupbox invisble. By this way, it is a lot easy to change and maintain the actions in script.


Dong Zhu

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Personas: a trick to show/hide controls

Personas 2.0 does not support dynamic show/hide controls. Here is a "tricky" way you may do:

1. Create an empty label control which has a size enough to cover the controls you want to hide.
2. Place the label at the left of the hidding controls.
3. Set label property: width to NaN, and background color the same as the overall background color.
4. For Hidding: set the label value to an empty string long enough.
    For Showing: set the label value to one empty char.

That's it! :-)


How to display a webpage in a frame or a new window in Personas?

What is explained here?
   One can use a url to display the web page content inside a frame control on UI or in a new window.

How to do?
   The detail and example is presented in the link below: